Caydence Teoh. 
Born in the year 1995 and raised in Penang, Malaysia a.k.a the Garden of the East.

Apparently a law student, pursuing external degree from University of London
Despite of the fact that I'm a law student with sheer amounts of studies, it doesn't stop my passions towards photography, beauty, fashion, crafting and Cosplaying(Do note that I'm also a typical ACG freak /laughs/).

I started to blog since 2010 with Wordpress as a platform to share my favourites to the blogging community. After several times of 'shifting'(s) , I ultimately settled down with this current blog.

Naming it "Blog of Life", this blog works as a platform where I could share about those related interests mentioned above as well as some of those significant bits of my life.
If you're currently reading this blog, thanks for dropping by and I hope you'll enjoy. XOXO 
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