Friday, April 17, 2015

I Just Lost A Friend

Friday, April 17, 2015

 "Dogs are a man's best friend." and I just lost one. 

After more than 8 years being with us, Bonnie has left, because of our negligence and cause her ran out of her cage and bitten to death. I couldn't say anything but "Sorry". There's no use for me to kept on repeating the "If only" scenarios, I'd never expected that Ember (another pet dog of ours which is a Rottweiler) would bit her so hard and cause her to bleed so much. The wound was too severe and we can't do anything about it already, if not, we would probably try to call a vet or even rush to the nearby veterinary clinic. When looking her bleeding, it makes me pain in the heart, I couldn't do anything but watching her until her last moment.  

Thanks for being an amazing family member for those previous years.
This blog post would be a memorial for you. R.I.P Bonnie and ILY. 

*I'm not sure if I'm typing correctly/ structured because I'm basically still sobbing (a little bit) while typing so do pardon me if I did type anything wrongly.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just when I'm searching for some music on youtube, I stumbled across with this interesting music video of the song「NEGAI」by No.6, which caught my attention with its "HALF Face Makeup" concept, so I was thinking of sharing it to all of you here.

I'm so enthralled by the concept of the music video. As you can see from 10 of the casts, they are either having the half makeup on the left or the right side of the face, varies from zombie, geisha, clowns and even 'cross-dresser'(?). The theme for the music is to represents one's wish appearance or the true appearance of themselves . Besides, the conception also represents the "two faces within the human," as such, good and evil. 

No. 6 is a female singer who doesn't show up her face in her music video, as you can see in the music video, it was those models who did the lip-sync(s) for the music. This song was her first song , released earlier this February and it was used as the music in Miura Shohei's commercial for the cosmetic line of [DECIEL]. (I think I might also want to check it out soon when I got the time haha)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Recent Interest ✿

Friday, April 10, 2015

*Do note that this post was done in the same day of my previous post, but I leave it as a scheduled post. At the time the blog is posted, I'm probably still in my revision process LOL* 

Everyone has their respective hobbies, such as reading, calligraphies, sewing and so on. As for me, I'm a ACG freak and at the same time a cosplayers, so my hobbies are more related to these two aspects. Being a ACG freak, I enjoy watching animations and reading comics during my leisure time as well as gaming on my ps2 games occasionally(which probably would take me another 'forever' to finish off LOL). As for being a cosplayers, other than trying to improve my makeup, it seems that this cosplaying hobby of mine has developed my hobbies into another level. I find myself even obsessed with crafting related stuffs after I got active in cosplaying. For example, as sewing, accessories DIYs and some basics props making. (Frankly speaking, I own a basic sewing machine but so far I only know how to make skater skirts and plushes. Perhaps I should try to learn about the cuttings of clothes as well after summer exams ._. )

Talking about accessories DIY, I started to look up on how to make Kanzashi flowers few weeks ago and 2 main reasons behind is that : (1) I need to make one as the headpiece for my Umi Sonoda Yukata cosplay during Penang Anime Matsuri (PAM). Not that I'm being picky but the headpiece provided by the seller is only a yellow artificial flower and I find that Umi's headpiece is more to a orange flower. ^^" (2) I was so fascinated by those gorgeous outfits in the Chinese television series of "The Empress of China (2014)" and I started to feel tempting to do the kanzashi headpiece!

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