Saturday, January 31, 2015

First Photoshoot

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time goes by fast and today marks the end of the first month of 2015. My new semester has started for a week already. Other than getting back into the college routine, preparations for the coming summer session UOL examinations is also another major thing for this semester. Well, I did paid a few thousand ringgits for the exam, so I should at least put in efforts so that I can pass the exam instead of wasting those moneys.

Putting aside the back to school issue, I just had my first cosplay photoshoot around 2 weeks ago, which was the time that I'm still in my semester break. Judging from the picture above, I believe you guys (Especially the Love-Livers hahaha) can probably guess the character despite that it's still a preview. 

Having a photoshoot was quite new to me because it was my first time having an actual photoshoot and thankfully that it went quite smooth thanks to the photographer's efforts and guidances.*laughs*
The only failure point of this photoshoot was my forgetfulness and eventually forgot the fluffy earpiece. Orz Oh well, what has been done cannot be undone. I hope that I could have second shoot for this character again someday to 'make up my regrets' for this photoshoot. Afterall, I really love this character and I would really like to get close to perfection of the overall appearance. qwq            

Monday, January 12, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014

Monday, January 12, 2015
Even though it's almost half month late, but Happy New Year 2015 everyone! :D

After so much of delays and slacks, I'm finally done my blog entry for Comic Fiesta 2014.

Again, Malaysia's biggest & most epic ACG convention was held from 27-28th December 2014. Nevertheless, it's assumed that Comic Fiesta as the year end event for 2014 as well.

The crowd was as expected. Comic Fiesta has grown to a larger and gain more ACG enthusiasts attending the event year by year. After my so-called 'shopping' on doujins & guest merchandises as well as photos taking, I actually spent most of my time hanging outdoor or 3rd floor, then stay within hall 5 for both days of the events, just because that I was too lazy to squeeze into the crowd again to get to the other halls. :P

I was cosplaying as Kotori Minami (Mogyutto Love de Seikkin Chu version) from Love Live on the second day of the event. As for day 1 I actually went pretty casual to make it easier for me to squeeze through and chiong to the doujin booths area to 'sapu' all those doujin merchandises that I have my eyes on. *Buy All The Things meme pose*  :P

There were displays of  fantastic artworks of Comic Fiesta 2014 Countdown located at Hall 5 to allow everyone to view on. At the same time, there were also figurines and nendriods from Good Smile Company displayed at  Hall 3.    

Comic Fiesta 2014 had also expanded their event floor plan and the stage was shifted to the ballroom, which was located on the 3rd floor of the convention centre. Since that the exhibitors floor was too pack, I went up to the 3rd floor and the timing wise that the opening of the event has just started. This time, I was able to make use of my superzoom lens to take photos of the stage performances. 

King & Mon from Taiwan were attending as guest for Comic Fiesta again since their first apperance in Comic Fiesta Mini 2013. It feels great seeing them live on stage again after so long. I was amazed by King's cosplay as Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. *fangirling mode *

Next would be Aza Miyuko from Korea, attending as guest again since her appearance on Comic Fiesta Mini 2014. 

Last but not least, Liui Aquino, another amazing cosplayer who has transformed his life-long love for anime and games with his experience as a model. I love how he brought the character to life through his cosplay. By far, he's the best Hiccup and Tadashi cosplayer that I've seen. =w=)/ 

Yingtze, Lenneth, Ritsu & Angie had also attend the event and had their respective signing sessions as well.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet Angie there. (; ;)

Other than getting the chance to meet the guests and popular cosplayers of Malaysia, I was also able to met quite a number of cosplayers from other countries such as Kirisaki, Aunty Shirley,Lenneth and Elisabeth from Singapore as well as Klyr and Ritsu from Japan!

Nevertheless, I'd also get to meet Hanie. It was nice meeting her and we had a small conversation (Basically on camera stuffs lol) before she went to find her friend. ^^"

The bad thing that I could say about the event is nothing but the incident which my mobile phone was stolen by pickpockets at Hall 4 where the crowd was at the most, but in overall the event was great and fun. :D
**FYI, It was updated by the organizers that the several suspects are caught and investigations are in progress. Well, the organizers and other involved parties did done a good job resolving this issue. *thumbs up* I still hope that I could have a chance to get back my phone despite that the chance is very ‘slim’. [ I was quite lucky as well because my mom wasn't that mad at me and still willing to get a new one as replacement for me. Millions of thanks! .... (; ;)]

That should be a wrap up for Comic Fiesta 2014. 2015 would be a even hectic study life for me to deal with the upcoming exams and school activities. Hope that 2015 will be a good year for me hehe :D

Friday, November 7, 2014

[Review] Lighten Your Acne Scars!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Having acnes is one of the common thing in our life. Majority of us always encountered with zits during our teenage period. Nevertheless, there would also be some of us that would have problems of acne even during the adult stage due to stress or hormones. As females , mostly of us would probably have pimples popping out when it comes to "that" time the month. Personally, I usually got 2 or 3 pimples during that time and I have been getting slightly more these recently because that I was in lack of sleep doing revisions for my exams. OTL

Other than feeling a little bit of disturbance, getting acnes is actually not a deal since that it wouldn't be 'staying' on our face permanently. However, one thing that we concern a lot is the post-acne marks. It's every difficult to totally get rid of it. We always need to take proper care so that it lightens day by day. I believe most of us would want the scars to be lightened as fast as it could. 

I have been trying different products for the acne scars lightening but mostly of them works pretty much average and I'm very unsatisfied with it. Until one day when my friend actually gave me this.

May I proudly present to you, the saviour for those who have acne scars, The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector. The Clean Face series from The Face Shop mainly works for peoples who have oily acne prone skin. I have a friend that has this skin condition. She has been using the product line for a long time and she really love how the products sooth her acne and not causing her face to be too dry in eventual. 

However, she find that the spot corrector works pretty much average so she gave me the extra which she had bought along previously. Since that my Etude House AC Clinic set has already been used up, so why not I give it a try to see whether if it can works better. 

In the description of the products it says that the spot corrector is 
" An essence for clearing up acne blemishes and allowing skin to heal faster
An over-night spot eraser that helps fade post-acne marks
Keep it handy for those irritating breakout emergencies
Kills acne-causing ‘p-acne bacteria’ "

The product is mainly made from tea tree oil which is widely use as treatment for acnes. Other than that it also contains Quick Clear Complex to to boost up the healing effect. Unlikely to many other similar products, this spot corrector is supposed to be use after toner and before moisturisers. Another thing is that, it SMELLS GOOD (and it's not that type of scent which is extremely artificial.) *laughs* 

The product is having a gel texture, so it is not that sticky and it is slightly watery as well, which then it could be absorbed into the skin much more effectively than some other cream-textured products.

I have been using it for several days after my breakouts period, it actually had speeded up the healing of those scars. Normally it would took me 2 weeks or more to get to that lightening effect but it had cut down to only half of the time to get those marks lightened.

Doubt that I'm over exaggerated in telling the effect? 
Perhaps you can see with your own eyes in the picture below. 

I swear there was no editing in the comparison photo. As you can see,  the scars lighten a lot after the usage of the spot corrector for around 4-5 days. The healing was not that fast but then it did speed up a lot if comparing to the healing period before I started to use the spot corrector.

In overall I would give the product a  4 out of 5. Indeed, it did works better comparing to the previous product, but it can't be absorb fast despite of the gel texture of it which I have mentioned above, so it still has some spaces for improvement. 

Apparently my study life is very packed. Not to mention that I need to do revision for almost every 24/7 to be well prepared for another coming examination in December, I still have some activities in college to attend. It's pretty stressful by now, but I need to overcome the stress and make it as a positive stress so that I have the driving force to continue studying the course. 

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