Friday, November 7, 2014

[Review] Lighten Your Acne Scars!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Having acnes is one of the common thing in our life. Majority of us always encountered with zits during our teenage period. Nevertheless, there would also be some of us that would have problems of acne even during the adult stage due to stress or hormones. As females , mostly of us would probably have pimples popping out when it comes to "that" time the month. Personally, I usually got 2 or 3 pimples during that time and I have been getting slightly more these recently because that I was in lack of sleep doing revisions for my exams. OTL

Other than feeling a little bit of disturbance, getting acnes is actually not a deal since that it wouldn't be 'staying' on our face permanently. However, one thing that we concern a lot is the post-acne marks. It's every difficult to totally get rid of it. We always need to take proper care so that it lightens day by day. I believe most of us would want the scars to be lightened as fast as it could. 

I have been trying different products for the acne scars lightening but mostly of them works pretty much average and I'm very unsatisfied with it. Until one day when my friend actually gave me this.

May I proudly present to you, the saviour for those who have acne scars, The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector. The Clean Face series from The Face Shop mainly works for peoples who have oily acne prone skin. I have a friend that has this skin condition. She has been using the product line for a long time and she really love how the products sooth her acne and not causing her face to be too dry in eventual. 

However, she find that the spot corrector works pretty much average so she gave me the extra which she had bought along previously. Since that my Etude House AC Clinic set has already been used up, so why not I give it a try to see whether if it can works better. 

In the description of the products it says that the spot corrector is 
" An essence for clearing up acne blemishes and allowing skin to heal faster
An over-night spot eraser that helps fade post-acne marks
Keep it handy for those irritating breakout emergencies
Kills acne-causing ‘p-acne bacteria’ "

The product is mainly made from tea tree oil which is widely use as treatment for acnes. Other than that it also contains Quick Clear Complex to to boost up the healing effect. Unlikely to many other similar products, this spot corrector is supposed to be use after toner and before moisturisers. Another thing is that, it SMELLS GOOD (and it's not that type of scent which is extremely artificial.) *laughs* 

The product is having a gel texture, so it is not that sticky and it is slightly watery as well, which then it could be absorbed into the skin much more effectively than some other cream-textured products.

I have been using it for several days after my breakouts period, it actually had speeded up the healing of those scars. Normally it would took me 2 weeks or more to get to that lightening effect but it had cut down to only half of the time to get those marks lightened.

Doubt that I'm over exaggerated in telling the effect? 
Perhaps you can see with your own eyes in the picture below. 

I swear there was no editing in the comparison photo. As you can see,  the scars lighten a lot after the usage of the spot corrector for around 4-5 days. The healing was not that fast but then it did speed up a lot if comparing to the healing period before I started to use the spot corrector.

In overall I would give the product a  4 out of 5. Indeed, it did works better comparing to the previous product, but it can't be absorb fast despite of the gel texture of it which I have mentioned above, so it still has some spaces for improvement. 

Apparently my study life is very packed. Not to mention that I need to do revision for almost every 24/7 to be well prepared for another coming examination in December, I still have some activities in college to attend. It's pretty stressful by now, but I need to overcome the stress and make it as a positive stress so that I have the driving force to continue studying the course. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 @ Penang Times Square

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Hello!!! It's been a BIG while already. I'm quite shocked knowing that I have actually didn't make any entry for almost a month!!!! However, it's not that surprising as I'm aware that as soon as the new semester starts, I would need to spend mostly of my time reading facts, principles as well as cases. I get it why I was advised study a lot harder, it takes times to read several times and then, understand the theory correctly. Also, I know it is quite late.... I mean, VERY LATE for me to post this up so again, I apologize for the delay.

From the post title it's obvious wise that this entry would be about Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 which was held on the 27th &28th of September, which is exactly around 3 weeks back.

If we compare it to last year's Comic Fiesta Mini, this time the exhibition is much more better on the arrangement since that the venue is more wider and well arranged. Another thing is that the event is in a closed area and only peoples who purchase entry ticket could be able to get into the venue instead of letting it be in a open area like last year's.

Last year I wasn't cosplaying due to the hectic I was having on my A-Level studies ,but for this year, I have been cosplaying for both days (which I have mentioned previously) so I didn't get to take many photos of cosplayers. Whenever I want to take photos there's people asking me where if they could take a photo of me, which then I missed the chance to take photos of some cosplayers. Guess it can't be helped lol. Another thing is that, some photos turned out to be blur or the proportion is not that satisfying so I'm not going to post those up.

So I did manage to take some presentable photos of the cosplayers on both respective days.

Oh, here's my friend Aki cosplaying as Megurine Luka in Love Ward version.

I have seen a lot of Kaneki Ken(from Tokyo Ghoul) cosplay in those 2 days and this is one of the cosplayer cosplaying as Kaneki. I was so surprise when this cosplayer this told me that it was his first time cosplaying. Despite of cosplaying fo rthe first time, he nailed the character very well!! I think I should do some self-review on my cosplay already. *laughs*

Oh wait! before I forgot! Here's the photos of my cosplay for both days. 

Photo credits to the photographer. :3

A selfie with Aki as Shiro from No Game No Life. 

For day 1 I cosplayed as Haruka Nanase as planned but for day 2 I changed my plan from Futaba to my Harajuku OC due that my wig is unable to arrive on time. OTL

Not to mentioned that I wore and walked on a 10cm platform boots on day 1, I haven't cosplay for a long time as well. Despite that it was pretty tiring but I had lot of fun during those 2 days meeting with my friends as well as getting to know some new cosplayer friends. It's very great to have more friends who are interested with the cultures!

Apparently I need to do more revision for my mid semester exam which fall on the first week of the upcoming month. However then I'm very motivated as there would be another ACG event right after the exam is over, which is COSPAR 3. Furthermore, the great news is that this time the guest lineup includes those cosplayers that I admired and Baozi Hana is in the lineup as well! I'm looking forward for another 2 days of fun meeting with all the fellow friends and cosplayers again. :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bingsu Sunday @ Gurney Paragon Mall

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello! So how's the weekend? 

My friends were having their one week break from school so I was asked that whether if I'm free to hangout with them on last Sunday, and of course, I responded by joining them. I mean, how could I turn down the invitation? Unlike the past, we hardly met each other often right now. Furthermore, after the short break they will be busy preparing for their major exam (STPM) while I'll be starting the actual course, which then I'll also be a lot more busy. In fact, it'll be even difficult for us to spare times out to meet up by then. Despite that I'm having a paper on Wednesday, I spared one day out for that. (Moreover, the exam for that general subject is not that difficult. I did my studies beforehand already *laughs*)

Another thing is that this post was supposed to be published a few days ago but due to that exam as well I delayed the publishing time to revise the notes once again. (Or else, I would actually feeling guilty of being so lazy LOL!) So I apologize for that. Still, late is better than never, right? :P

As what we are acknowledged about, previously Caffe Bene is only having their outlets at Kuala Lumpur so I didn't really have the chance to visit there. However, they had finally opened their first franchising outlet in Penang on 29 of August and it's located at Gurney Paragon Mall. My friends are fanatics of Korean stuffs, including tasty Korean-related foods, so it's naturally that we would want to try the famous Bingsu since that there's the chance already. 


Caffe Bene is a coffeehouse chain based in Seoul, South Korea, founded in May 2008 by Sun-Kwon Kim, current CEO of Caffe Bene. Caffe Bene is the largest coffeehouse in South Korea in terms of the number of stores and now frachising in various countries which includes Malaysia. They are known for their Bingsu, but they do also provide coffees, waffles, breads and some others, even confectionery. 

As for what Bingsu actually is, is a very popular and elaborate dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. (Meanwhile, Malaysia is a tropical country. Yay for Bingsu! ) It is composed of ice shavings and various ingredients such as fruits, cereal flakes or even tteukbokki(Korean rice cake). It is often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt. The most popular variety is the traditional patbingsu made with sweetened red beans and 'Pat' stands for red bean paste while 'Bingsu' is referring to the shaved ice.

Now lets move on to the main subject!

Since that it's Sunday and the outlet is still a new one so it's pretty crowded and we hardly get a seat at first. We actually walked to Gurney Plaza for window shopping to spend our time instead of waiting in the queue as crowds would be lessen after that. 

Right after we got our seats as well as taken our order, what we did was chatting around while waiting. Oh hey, my phone was on the table with Reika's photo on my Facebook's news feed. XD

Nevertheless, we did took selfies as well during that time. (Oh Hello!) I wore my favourite comfy knitwear from H&M and did a simple hair as well as my normal makeup. :P 

Lets get back to the main thing again, the bingsu are available with either single or double sized. The single-sized Bingsu cost RM12.80 while the double-sized Bingsu is RM22.80.

I did mentioned that they also sell cakes, bread and . I'm not sure with the price since that we only ordered Bingsu on that day because we had our lunch at Sushi Zanmai before that already, but I can tell that the price range is between RM10 - RM18.  Look at the Garlic& Cheese Bread and the Caramel Cinnamon Bread. They're so tempting!!! Maybe I shall try it next time. *laughs*

Roasted coffee beans and mug collection of Caffe Bene are also available for purchase at the outlet. They do have a very nice range of collectible mugs.

After  a few minutes we had finally get our long-awaited Bingsu! We ordered 2 Green Tea Bingsu and 1 Coffee Bingsu. The one I ordered was the Green Tea Bingsu. 
Green Tea Bingsu (Single) -RM12.80
One of of popular choice besides PatBingsu and Strawberry Bingsu. At first, I planned to order Strawberry Bingsu, but it's still not available apparently, so I choose is because that I prefer green tea over the others which are available. Well, the combination of green tea and red bean paste is definitely a splendid one! Despite that it's a Korean desserts, the combination is more likely a Japanese style which we know that Matcha with red bean is a popular combination in Japanese desserts. Also, the Bingsu has toppings with whipped cream covering the green tea gelato, red bean paste and lots of almonds and various nuts. To conclude, I would give a  4/5 for this.

Coffee Bingsu (Single) -RM12.80
Unlike the Green Tea Bingsu, this one is less sweet comparing to the combination of green tea and sweet red beans.  As for the toppings, it's almost the same with the green tea one, just that the Bingsu is topped with chocolate cereal chips, coffee gelato and Chocolate powder instead of almond chips, green tea gelato and whipped cream. Though I didn't taste it, but from what Ewen commented, it taste nice as it's not too sweet. However, the combination of coffee with sweetened red beans is a little bit awkward, so it's 3.8/5.

Though every of us ordered the single sized (and as for what you see from the photo above, the cup is just nice for a hand to grip on it), but I can say that the serving size is more than enough, you wouldn't know that how full you would be. (Unless you're a very enthusiastic eater LOL). Furthermore, the time we went to have the Bingsu is just after rain, so... you know, it's very COLD. *Shivers*
Don't judge us. Having the Bingsu was our main objective of the day, so we still go for that. :P

The shop is less crowded after about half an hour and it's more quiet and calm. (Which is what I prefer, I don't really like being in a big crowd) Thus, from the photo above you can see the interior more clearly. The environment is quite cozy. I like the analogue clock display as well as the book rack there. Too bad that the time we went in it's to crowded so I didn't managed to get a seat near there though, but it doesn't really matter.  :P

That's more or less of the review for Caffe Bene's Bingsu. I would really liked to try the breads or waffles next time, but probably till the next term break. 

Also, here's some information regarding the shop for you guys. It's located just at the opposite of H&M. :)

Address: 163D-1-06, Gurney Paragon Mall
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm
Facebook: Caffebene Malaysia
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