Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Wednesday, September 2, 2015
It's that season again, where everyone will be starting their new semester, ........... and not to forget that most Form 6 students are going to different universities to pursue their degree course, which mean it'll be even difficult for us to hang out often this onwards. 

I just went meeting up with my 'squad' last Sunday before they leave for their further studies. However, there's one of them can't make it because she's having family occasion at that time. I guess I could only catch up with her next year when everyone comes back for Chinese New Year. :/
Even though we're so eager to hang out but we're kind of lazy to went all the way to Penang Island just for a lunch so we went to a mainland one instead lolol, so we ultimately went to Pik-Nik Everyday which is a cafe opened a few months back, located at Raja Uda, Butterworth. :D 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

[Tutorial] DIY Galaxy Bottles

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Galaxy bottles (or you can call it Galaxy in a jar) has been a trending crafting stuff to do for quite some times already and it's starting to get trending at the community right here these lately. I had read a lot of articles about Galaxy Jars photos from different sites as a lot of my friends shared the tutorial onto their social media platform, so there's no way I wouldn't notice about that LOL. 

Despite that some of you might had already know how to do it, I made this simple tutorial on how to make your own unique galaxy bottles! If you're yet to get a vague idea on how to do it, do read till the end and check out the Youtube videos above. :D

Materials needed
1. Cottons
*I got mine from Daiso
2. Glitters of your choice
3. Bottles 
* I use miniature bottle which I bought from crafts store as well as reusing my old contact lenses bottles. Now you'll have a reason to keep some of from your contact lenses bottles :D
4. Tweezers to push in the cotton
5. Colorings 
   *A little goes a long way, you would need only 1-2 drops and dilute it with water until the saturation of your liking. It's not necessary that you would need to use food colorings like I did, you can use watercolor or fabric dye , whichever works best for you. 
6. Some unused cloths or paper to prevent from getting your workplace with messes.

The video was actually my first tutorial video, you might have noticed that the materials introductory footage was quite lengthy, do pardon me for that as I was making explanations regarding the materials but the audio turns out to be a fail as there was too much noises recorded along with my voice. O<<

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and good luck on experimenting!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Anime Watchlist for Summer 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015
Having my summer exam ended & coming back from PAM at the end of the month of May, I have been spending most of my leisure times watching dramas and animes. Time goes by pretty fast and the animes for summer 2015 had started one by another already. 

I'm still on my marathon to catch up some 'leftovers' from the spring & winter seasons' anime series. I'm quite dropped out on catching up with animes as I was refraining from them so that I can concentrate for my exam which has just ended 1 month+ ago.By far, I think I still have 4-6 series to be ticked off from the list. ಥ_ಥ

But anyways, here's some of those series which I have bookmarked on my watch list for this season. I'm actually more toward in looking forward for the autumn season's as there's a lot of my favourite anime series are airing their sequel by then, but lets don't miss out some interesting animes while awaiting them. :P   

Rokka no Yuusha 六花の勇者

Well, mostly of the time I would like to watch animes which are fantasy/magic related. This series is about Six Braves being summon to prevent the resurrection of the Evil God. I get to know this anime after I stumbled across their catchy pv on the social media platform and thus, it'll should be worth watching./marks on the list lolol/
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