Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Wednesday, September 2, 2015
It's that season again, where everyone will be starting their new semester, ........... and not to forget that most Form 6 students are going to different universities to pursue their degree course, which mean it'll be even difficult for us to hang out often this onwards. 

I just went meeting up with my 'squad' last Sunday before they leave for their further studies. However, there's one of them can't make it because she's having family occasion at that time. I guess I could only catch up with her next year when everyone comes back for Chinese New Year. :/
Even though we're so eager to hang out but we're kind of lazy to went all the way to Penang Island just for a lunch so we went to a mainland one instead lolol, so we ultimately went to Pik-Nik Everyday which is a cafe opened a few months back, located at Raja Uda, Butterworth. :D 

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