Friday, November 7, 2014

[Review] Lighten Your Acne Scars!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Having acnes is one of the common thing in our life. Majority of us always encountered with zits during our teenage period. Nevertheless, there would also be some of us that would have problems of acne even during the adult stage due to stress or hormones. As females , mostly of us would probably have pimples popping out when it comes to "that" time the month. Personally, I usually got 2 or 3 pimples during that time and I have been getting slightly more these recently because that I was in lack of sleep doing revisions for my exams. OTL

Other than feeling a little bit of disturbance, getting acnes is actually not a deal since that it wouldn't be 'staying' on our face permanently. However, one thing that we concern a lot is the post-acne marks. It's every difficult to totally get rid of it. We always need to take proper care so that it lightens day by day. I believe most of us would want the scars to be lightened as fast as it could. 

I have been trying different products for the acne scars lightening but mostly of them works pretty much average and I'm very unsatisfied with it. Until one day when my friend actually gave me this.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 @ Penang Times Square

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Hello!!! It's been a BIG while already. I'm quite shocked knowing that I have actually didn't make any entry for almost a month!!!! However, it's not that surprising as I'm aware that as soon as the new semester starts, I would need to spend mostly of my time reading facts, principles as well as cases. I get it why I was advised study a lot harder, it takes times to read several times and then, understand the theory correctly. Also, I know it is quite late.... I mean, VERY LATE for me to post this up so again, I apologize for the delay.

From the post title it's obvious wise that this entry would be about Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 which was held on the 27th &28th of September, which is exactly around 3 weeks back.

If we compare it to last year's Comic Fiesta Mini, this time the exhibition is much more better on the arrangement since that the venue is more wider and well arranged. Another thing is that the event is in a closed area and only peoples who purchase entry ticket could be able to get into the venue instead of letting it be in a open area like last year's.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bingsu Sunday @ Gurney Paragon Mall

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello! So how's the weekend? 

My friends were having their one week break from school so I was asked that whether if I'm free to hangout with them on last Sunday, and of course, I responded by joining them. I mean, how could I turn down the invitation? Unlike the past, we hardly met each other often right now. Furthermore, after the short break they will be busy preparing for their major exam (STPM) while I'll be starting the actual course, which then I'll also be a lot more busy. In fact, it'll be even difficult for us to spare times out to meet up by then. Despite that I'm having a paper on Wednesday, I spared one day out for that. (Moreover, the exam for that general subject is not that difficult. I did my studies beforehand already *laughs*)

Another thing is that this post was supposed to be published a few days ago but due to that exam as well I delayed the publishing time to revise the notes once again. (Or else, I would actually feeling guilty of being so lazy LOL!) So I apologize for that. Still, late is better than never, right? :P

As what we are acknowledged about, previously Caffe Bene is only having their outlets at Kuala Lumpur so I didn't really have the chance to visit there. However, they had finally opened their first franchising outlet in Penang on 29 of August and it's located at Gurney Paragon Mall. My friends are fanatics of Korean stuffs, including tasty Korean-related foods, so it's naturally that we would want to try the famous Bingsu since that there's the chance already. 


Caffe Bene is a coffeehouse chain based in Seoul, South Korea, founded in May 2008 by Sun-Kwon Kim, current CEO of Caffe Bene. Caffe Bene is the largest coffeehouse in South Korea in terms of the number of stores and now frachising in various countries which includes Malaysia. They are known for their Bingsu, but they do also provide coffees, waffles, breads and some others, even confectionery. 

As for what Bingsu actually is, is a very popular and elaborate dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. (Meanwhile, Malaysia is a tropical country. Yay for Bingsu! ) It is composed of ice shavings and various ingredients such as fruits, cereal flakes or even tteukbokki(Korean rice cake). It is often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt. The most popular variety is the traditional patbingsu made with sweetened red beans and 'Pat' stands for red bean paste while 'Bingsu' is referring to the shaved ice.

Now lets move on to the main subject!

Friday, September 12, 2014

[Review] GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown

Friday, September 12, 2014
My current semester just ended 2 days ago. Despite that I have one exam on next Wednesday, I'll be having a short break till the new semester which will commence on the last week of September.

Time goes pretty fast isn't it? I still remember that previous semester started in the mid of July and now it's just 2 weeks plus ahead to the end of September. Again, I'm still pretty unproductive on creating blog entries throughout the semester and I bet anyone would have got bored of my reason (more like an excuse) : Projects, assignments, presentation etc

I actually spend pretty much time and effort on those coursework given as I don't want to fail and repeat the courses (which is compulsory for every IPTS students) again then waste around like 2 thousand bucks for those though. Moreover, it'll be very troublesome for me as it'll be affecting my schedule in the future as my actual course will be starting in the coming semester. Speaking of the new semester, I'll have to put even more effort so that everything could paid off well. 

Anyway! As well as loving to dress nice in my everyday look , I have been a frequent circle lenses user till now and I'm wearing lenses mostly of the time whenever I'm out of home. I mean, who wouldn't want look nicer right?

Therefore, I'll be reviewing GEO's Princess Mimi Almond Brown, which is the most recent circle lenses that I've been wearing starting from the early of the month and currently still wearing. (As for the previous months I'm actually wearing Freshkon Alluring Eyes series in Winsome Brown, which you can read the review here :D)

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's Sunday today. Unlike some girls of my age hanging out and have fun out of home shopping with friends, at this time I'm spending my weekend with assignments which would need to be done and passed up for the following weeks.

As I mentioned before in the previous post, there's still around 6 projects, assignments and paperworks to be done, and now a few more are completed. Since that I've completed my part on those that are needed to be handed over to the lecturer next week, so I'm actually taking a breath to do some of my personal things, including blogging here.

Recently, I just did one of the group project(Of course, along with my fellow teammates) at the Youth Park. Therefore, despite of solely doing my job as the photographer of the project, I took the advantage again to do some personal photographs since that I'm already there already. (laughs)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Review] Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Green Tea Mask

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The current semester of mine has been pretty much hectic (even now), with loads of assignments, projects, activities, paperworks etc. Therefore, I was unable to spare too much time out for doing my personal plans , including blogging.(Which then it turns out that I haven't blog for completely 2 weeks already.) However, despite that there are so many works to be accomplished, I'm very glad that half of those are completed, and there's still another half to go.

Apart from being unable to get my personal plans done, my personal customs was being affected as well due that I was burning the midnight oil, staying up late to prepare well for my presentations, typing words documents, sending mails of the soft copies of the works, and also, somewhat neglected my skin care routine. Consequently, my skin condition was then pretty awful with whiteheads and papules on my face. Which then they do annoyed me a lot.

I've been keen on trying the masks from Innisfree as I heard that the price is very affordable and the effect is quite good. So, I did requested a friend of my to help me purchase a few of them to try out (since that her brother is coming back soon for study break at that time).

Friday, August 1, 2014


Friday, August 1, 2014
Oh, hello again & hello August!

I'd finally done mostly of the important part on the paperworks of my assignments & projects. Yet, I still need to spend a little more time to practice my presentation (which would fall on the following week).

Despite that I'm pretty much tired right now because of those heavy coursework, I've been trying to relax myself a little bit in between. Yesterday, I went meeting up with my team members to discuss on one of the coursework and the meeting is taken place at a McDonald franchise and there's a seafront promenade just across the road. After the discussion was done, I was thinking :"Why not I go for some walk there? Since that it's still early to go home.". Hence, I did went for a little walk, sitting there, enjoy the view of the sea and the gentle wind there. Oh, and snapped some photos there as well. :P

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Comic Fiesta Mini Cosplan

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Hello! As all of us are aware , July will be ending today and tomorrow will be August already.

Although there's only having 3 MPU subjects classes in this current semester, I didn't expected that there would be so many projects and assignments came at once. Thus, I have been busying and try to get those tasks done as soon as possible (Basically because there's 2 presentation coming up next week Orz). To make this blog remain alive, I'll try to make simple updates. I would probably only do beauty or fashion post after my presentation.

As some of you who are concern about ACG events, you guys should have know that Comic Fiesta Mini is happening at Penang again this year. The date for the event would be on the 27th & 28th of September, which means there's only less than 2 months to go!

Last year I didn't came up with any cosplans, but as for this year, most likely I'll be cosplaying as these character for the respective days.

 I'll be cosplaying as Nanase Haruka from 'Free!' in navy suit version for day 1.
As for day 2, I'm still unsure whether I'll be cosplaying as Kise Ryouta's genderbend or Futaba Yoshioka. Mainly because I'm still experimenting the makeup look. If my outfit for Futaba couldn't make it on time, most likely I'll be cosplaying as Kise's genderbend by then.

I'm pretty anticipate for this year's Comic Fiesta Mini's doujin booths, guest lineup and as well meeting some of my friends who are going to attend the event!!  I had missed the Cosplay Invasion during March due to some private matters. Orz
I hope this time plans will goes smoothly. *cross-fingers*

Now then, it's barely this much that I could write about for now. Maybe I'll come up with another post tomorrow. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life Updates.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello there lovelies!! Sorry again for the lack of updates this lately, but this blog ain't dead!

It has been one and a half month since my lectures has already started. I'm actually starting a new semester on MPU subjects tomorrow while my actual lectures for my program will only start at the mid of September, which means I'll probably have a hectic life on case study by then. ^^"

I actually ad a lot of free time last month due that there's only 2 days of lectures per week. I told myself to blog more often. However, things happening everyday was almost the same and I spent mostly of my time at home while there's no class. Therefore, I haven't to be able to get some new idea to blog about for this lately. (Well, there's no way I would report on my daily routines on the blog right? :P) Despite of having lack of ideas for new blog post, I guess I'll still try to bring up something and blog some I have in mind. =v=b

Basically this lately is that when there's no lectures, I did make some practices on taking photo while I was out of home. Then I'll try to edit the photo using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom when I'm back home. Eventually I came up with some random photos throughout the times.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Review] The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture Holding Seed Cream.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Hello everyone! :D

It's been quite a long time since I last made a review on skin care products that I've tried. Since that I haven't been doing something interesting in my post this lately so I hope this post wouldn't be boring as you guys keep on read. Also, please do read till the end of this post as there will be a little surprise for all of you!

This time, I'll be reviewing The Face Shop's Chia Seed Moisture Holding Cream which was included in the gift set I bought. The moisturizing cream is known for it's light watery texture and it's incredibly moisture effect.

Other than the extremely good of moisture, the moisturizer also has 7 free system, which means there's no o benzophnone, artificial coloring, sulfate, mineral oil, animal sourced ingredients, and triethanolamine contents in the moisturizing cream. It is also eco friendly due that it's totally made from natural ingredients which include 100% organic Chia seed extract.

So what exactly CHIA SEED is????

Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Review] Etude House Eau de Perfume - No More

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Hello lovelies!

Time flies fast and it's almost the mid of June already. There's only another half month and half of the year would over. I'm surprised that times keep on going by faster day by day. For these 5 months passed I've been slacking at home then started working after Chinese New Year till now.

Now, I'm back being a full-time student and my lecture just started this Monday and I have pretty much fun meeting new friends as well as enjoying my studies. :)

That's all for the 'grandmother story' of mine. *laughs* Today I'll be reviewing my first very own frangrance!
Well, it's not really the 'first' one because I've bought a Eau de Toilette(EDT) one previously but for this one, it's a  Eau de Perfume(EDP).

I have never use EDP before so it's quite a new thing for me. I started off by purchasing a EDT at first because I didn't have much knowledge on fragrances. I was like: "It's all perfume". -__-
As for the reason is that I've noticed girls around me smells so nice after taking their bath or arriving at meet ups. (Don't get it wrong, I'm not a pervert okay.) In the meanwhile, I still smell the same as if I'm still smell as stink as how I was before taking my bath. My colleague told me that's natural that you couldn't scent your smell but somehow I still feel uneasy so I went to get a EDT in eventually LOL (You can laugh all you can. *covers face*)
For your information, here's the difference type of fragrances available in the market.

In a nutshell, this EDP fragrance could last longer then EDT. Which is pretty much an ease to cover up my stinky smell for a longer time lolol. Just kidding ^^"

Monday, May 19, 2014

Unexpectedly Fast

Monday, May 19, 2014
Hello lovelies!

Remember there's once I posted that I would be working for this few months until my program intake on September?

Some times, things happened out of the blue. At first I was planning to register for the intake at a certain college but then I found out the fees are rather costly so I went surveying and found another college that is also pretty good for pursuing my program on Law.

Hence, I made my phone call to the office last week. Then, I was told that the intake would be on June and the orientation is just 4 days to go!(Which is today and yes, I just came back from the first day of my orientation *panting*)

I asked that whether if they still have October intake but I was somehow advised to go for the June intake because it would be an ease for me in applying my study loan.

Then I got panicked because there's only a few days to go and I haven't prepare a single thing yet for registration! Since that I was on my noon shift on the day after I made the phone call, I woke up early and drove all the way down to Penang to settle things down.

Since that I'm applying for a study loan, I was told that I would need to open a bank account, a study loan account and get the pin number for the loan as well as getting necessary photocopies ready. (Which I didn't even get anything done at all).

Everything was done in a hurry last Friday because banks service would be closed on weekends so I woke up again early as if I'm having morning shift on my work.

Fortunately enough is that all the banks that I was told to go are available just at the area nearby my working place. Surprisingly, everything were done in less than 2 hours since that there's no much people at the bank at that hour.

After all those hastes, everything were settled down.

Going back to the study life is just ahead and which means, I would need to cease in continuing on with my 'arubaito' (which means part time job) and focus on my academic.

All that I could say that it's all worth for me for working during those previous month. I learnt things that I couldn't learn through those I studied in the curricular. I learnt to be patience, to know how the society actually is, to know how nasty some persons are. I learnt not to cry over spilled milk and not to cry over little things. I learnt how to behave as mature teenager. Most of all, I learnt to communicate. At least I'm not much of a social awkward person like I used to be. (I'm rather a shy person :/ )

My actual lecture commences on the second week of June and my last day of working is on the 7th of June. I would be pleased if I still stand another chance to work again but these would all only start after I finish my degree. If possible, I actually want to work again if there is a long term break from school. It's rather benefiting myself instead that I stay at home doing nothing.

Since that my program doesn't have class EVERY SINGLE DAY among the weeks hopefully the classes that are to be commenced on the period till December would have no class on Monday.*prays, HARDLY*
*coughs* Pardon me for my selfish thoughts LOL.

I'd missed Comic Fiesta once last year due to MPW exam (FYI if I missed the exam I couldn't graduate from certificate and I'll have to pay and go for the same thing again. That's why. - -). Thus, I hope I could attend this year's and meet up some friends and cosplayers there. (and also all those doujin booths) ><

Tomorrow would be the second day of the orientation and I hope to get knowing more new peoples there. Hopefully everything goes smoothly that time.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

New family members

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Guess who's back? It's been a while already. *laughs* I'm terribly sorry for lacking of updates again. :<

Exactly a year ago, my cousin brought a Rottweiler puppy for me. I'd name her Ember and she has black shiny fur. Who knows. Time goes by pretty fast and it's May already. and she's already 1 years & 43 days old already.

Ember had her period about two months back and ...... oh well, got pregnant. ._.
Then, she gave birth to 7 puppies on 27th April 2014. To be frank, I didn't expected that she could actually gave birth to half a dozen of pups since that it's her first time giving birth LOL.

Last night I have been spending my time snapping photo of these cute little pups. all of they were so sleepy so they actually didn't move too much and I could actually take quite a number of still photos of them :D

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Contact Lenses 101

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Good evening! It's been a while :)

Today, I'll be sharing to you on 101 of 
Contact Lenses, which I had mention before that I learn some of it from my optician.
**Disclaimer: Mostly of the picture were adapted from Google search.

Everyone should have know that WHAT is contact lens. Contact lens is a thin plastic lens placed directly on the surface of the eye to correct visual defects.

Moving with the time, nowadays there's also colored contact lens for cosmetic purpose. Colored contact lenses are also available without power for persons who have perfect (or almost perfect) eyesight. They're very popular to the asians. Unlike the westerners, asians naturally have black iris. Thus, colored contact lenses would be a big help for them to enhance their eyes with some colors.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meeting with Friend

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ohayou and Happy April Fools Day! Have you prank on anyone already? Or been prank by someone already? *laughs*

I'd blogged that I went meeting up with Ewen on the last Thursday. Apart from having our brunch at Cozy in the Rocket, we did went to 1st Avenue for some shopping.

Though we initially didn't plan to watch movie but there's still plenty of time until the time we're going back home so we went to take a look at the movie list, then only we decide what movie to watch.

Then we ended up watching different movie since that I don't really want to watch Divergent so instead, I chose to watch Super Show 4 Concert's  3D-x movie *fangirling mode* /LOL/

While waiting for our movie we just sat at the rest area available and ...... well, taking photo (being vain LOL). ^^'

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cozy Break

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Good morning everyone!
Today I'd woke up earlier than expected and I still have some times before I start driving to work, so why not I make another blog post throughout these hours? :P

Okay, enough with these things that doesn't really matter. So, I just had my off day last Thursday. Since that those friends of mine who are studying form 6 is still on their semester holiday, I asked my friends whether they're free to meet up but mostly of them were occupied with tuitions so only Ewen turned up to be the one who's available to join me.

For that day we actually planned to go for brunch at De Moonlight Café and go for a shopping then, have lunch at the mall after that. However, it's rather unfortunate because De Moonlight is not having their business for that day. We actually really wished to try out their signature honey oat chicken as well as the banana milkshake. Too bad we're not lucky enough on that day. :/

When we're walking on our way to the parking area we also went strolling at the street which has a lot of  tourists since that that particular area is one of a tourist attraction with heritages and mural arts.

While we're walking back we discovered another interesting café at the same street. Since that we're already there and it's rather time wasting for us to drive to another place just for the brunch, we settled by having our brunch at the café - Cozy in the Rocket.

To be honest I was actually also attracted by the adorable paintings at their outdoor, there's always something which appeals us to go into it :P

So here's how the mailbox at the storefront looks like.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wishlist Achieved

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm terribly sorry for not making any updates for the past few weeks again due to work. (As I have been arranged to noon shift a lot this month -_-)

But anyways! This blog is still alive and lets get into this topic alright? *laughs*

It has been always a dream for every blogger to get a better camera for taking photo, which includes me. I couldn't stand myself just always blogging with photos with average quality. I mean, apart from the psychological effect in my mind, I actually want to bring up photos, which are even better and attractive onto my blog to share to my readers. Besides, I'm actually sort of a photography enthusiasts so that make senses a little bit already, right?

I have been working for almost 2 months already. Naturally I would have earned some bucks into my saving account along with my savings throughout the time. Wise said, a penny saved is a penny earned. Then, I already have sufficient ready money for me to get myself the camera for myself.

Apart from setting myself a budget, I also read up quite a lot of review on various model of camera so that I could properly select the ideal camera for myself without having any regrets after purchasing.

After reading some reviews by beauty bloggers the camera I had in mind at first was to find a camera similarly to the Sony Nex F3 like Cheesie owns. However the camera has been discontinue and replaced by Nex 3NL. After scrolling up at Sony's website I find fond on the camera of Nex 5T which has a potential to produce photos with even better quality. It also have Build-in Wifi as well as NFC one-touch sharing. Concerning that I actually want a camera with good quality instead of  beauty filters (I can still photoshop it anyway :P), I chose 5T as my camera choice. Hence, there goes the starting of my money saving plan for the sake of getting the camera.

After a few months, my friend who works at Sony Centre told me that Sony has released a new camera that is similarly to Nex 5T, which is α5000. It's also claimed to have the lightest weight as well as good potential in taking DSLR quality photos. It also have a rather cheaper retail price of MYR 1999. Since that I'm on a budget I started to get hesitated whether I should get 5T or α5000 since that each has their strengths and weaknesses in specifications.

For just in case, I'd consulted opinion from that friend of mine as well as calling every single branch of Sony in Penang to get the information regarding their respective offers. Only then I made some comparison. Since that α5000 is still a brand new model, almost half of the branches doesn't carry in with the camera yet. Then, when I made my phone call to Megamall Penang's Sony Centre, I was told that they're currently having a offer of MYR 1888 instead of MYR1999. I did also ask for the retail price for 5T and I was told they're selling at MYR 1899 including the 200 rebate. Then I got even struggling between those 2 cameras since that there's only RM11 price difference between them rather than the RM300 difference if according to normal retailed price.

Then I was like :"Why don't I get myself NEX5T anyway? Since that the price difference is only RM11 now and 5T seems to be more capable in taking pro type photos. :/"
However, when I pay a visit to the store there and I was told that 5T would probably be discontinued due that they're having α5000 already as a substitution.

In eventual, my decision is to purchase α5000. I bought it at MYR1888 and I was entitled with a camera bag, a class 4 8gb memory card and a tripod as gifts upon my purchase. I also bought a lens protector and a filter as well. Then, the total was MYR1999, exactly as the normal price for the camera. But thank goodness that it's still within my budget which is MYR 2100 (Since that I believed that 5T won't be at the normal price of MYR2299 over time *smirks*).

After such a long story, let me proudly present to you all!!!! ...........*drumrolls*..... my camera!! :D

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cosplay Invasion III (2014)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's been a while. I haven't blog for 2 weeks already because I was on noon shift (Which is 2-10pm ) lately due to lack of manpower at my workplace. Then when I got home it's already 11pm. Hence, what I could only do was cleansing my face and hop onto my cozy bed since that I still have work on the next day. Despite of that I actually woke up quite late (which is around 10.00-10.30am) as I was so exhausted from work. But anyway, it's March already. Which also means that I've worked on my job for a month already! Time flies, doesn't it?Forget about all those blah I've said. GOOD NEWS! In this month, there would be an interesting event that would be happening around!

*Drum rolls* 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My First Part Time Job

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Before getting into the topic, I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Chinese New Year! I hope that I'm not too late. There's still a few days to go till Chap Goh Meh where it's the last day for CNY :P
Also, I would like to say sorry for completely neglected my blog for a whole week.

You all would wonder why? Or maybe whether if I started to be lazy to blog again?

The reason behind is that I've been  busy with my first job for the whole week. Since that I'm a newcomer for this work I'd been arranged to work on noon shift for this first week, which is 2pm-10pm. Then, I would only arrive home at 11pm. I got so worn out after a whole day of work and I still have to wake up early for job on the next day. That's why I can't even tend to blog. Do pardon me for that /sobs/

Monday, January 27, 2014

[Tutorial] The Coral Peony

Monday, January 27, 2014
Chinese New Year is just a few days to go. In China, it's also known as the Spring Festival. In this post I would make a tutorial of a spring look inspired by a well-known flower for this festival ——Peony.

Source: Google

Peony is known as Mudan(牡丹) in China and is an important symbol in Chinese culture. In this look the color I would refer on is a light coral color peony instead of girly pink. (FYI, I'm not a fan of pink and more to fond in peachy color, that's why :P)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everything in Life is Luck

Sunday, January 26, 2014
Good evening! :D

The results for the Advance Level examination on November 2013 has just released online 2 days ago.
I was quite lucky that I'd pass my exam with 2 subjects which required for me in order to continue with my further studies of degree in Law!

Though the result I got might not be as well as some others, but I'm still happy because it was an ease as I would not need to retake the exam. Furthermore, I also managed not to give my parents another burden for paying the retaking exam fees.FYI, it cost at least MYR800 for 2 subjects including the entry fees. -_-

To be honest, my mom once told me that if I actually fail my exam she wouldn't pay for the fees, which means I actually need to pay the fees on my own. However, the thing that I was terrified about is not the expensive fees which would cost if I need to retake but in fact I was scared that I would end up like a child of my mom's friend's friend [Yes, that how the relation should be LOL]. She was taking AL exam like I did and her younger sister studied secondary 6 instead of going college. Then eventually her younger sister already went for IPTA while she's till retaking her AL exam after years.

Now I'm glad that everything turned out to be fine and I'd obtained the 2 passes which are require as one of the term for my entry for LLB. I swear I would not take those for granted. Everything in life is luck. I'm quite lucky that I've passed and I hope that it would actually enough for me to enter into degrees. :)

Additionally I felt quite sorry for a classmate of mine that needs to retake. He took 2 subjects instead of 3 and he failed one of those subjects. Also I'm wondering how was the result other classmates are. I seldom contacts or socialize with them due to my social awkward, my bad. :/ Hopefully they're happy with their results. > <

All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck -- who keeps right on going -- is the man who is there when the good luck comes -- and is ready to receive it." - Robert Collier

I'll try my best on my next phase in further studies. As for now, I'll have to work hard on my part-time job which will start on next month. Ganbarimasu! :D

New Hair Color!


I've been starting to blog quite often this lately, perhaps I'm starting to become a diligent blogger? *laughs*  :P

The fact is that Chinese New Year is just less than 2 weeks ahead and I probably wouldn't have the time for grooming during the few days before CNY. Hence, I went for my hair dye few days ago at the nearest saloon which I usually went for my haircut for the past few years.

The truth is that I actually want to get the hair dye done on my own using hair dye products which could be bought from local drugstores. But the outcome were pretty meh, especially when you have dark color hair and you know, when you're not that good at these stuff. So instead, I went to let the hairdressers to do the job. :/

I actually wanted to go for burgundy wine red but I'm so afraid that it was too bright. Then, I chose Mahogany red. But then the color is not in stock as customers seldom have this color of hair dye. However, my hairstylist recommends me a color which actually have some red base (which I initially wanted) without having the color looking too bright. The color has the name, 金色栗子红, which is a golden chestnut red color.  Eventually I chose that color as my choice.

On the first day my new hair color wasn't that obvious and it'll only be visible under the sunlight.
I was told by the hairstylist that the color would be fading each time I done hair wash.

Monday, January 20, 2014

[Review] Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown

Monday, January 20, 2014
Hello again my fellow readers!

It's been a long time since I made reviews on my blog and TODAY, I'll be reviewing Freshkon's Alluring Eyes contact lenses. FYI , I haven't been wearing cosmetic contact lenses since for quite a long time already. It's quite an excitement for me to try out new lenses again! Yay!
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There's 4  'Enchanting' shades available for this range, Winsome Brown, Mesmeric Black, Magnetic Grey and Mystical Black. I chose Winsome Brown as the shade of my choice for this time. :)

So here goes the review! :D

Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Post? Maybe Not

Sunday, January 19, 2014
First and foremost, Hello again to the blogspohere.

Yes, 'again'.I haven't been blogging much back then during 2013 and I've actually modified a new blog of mine since that the picture in the previous posts have some malfunction due to Google+ back then.

Then I was thinking of having a new start that time. However life has been pretty hasty after I enrolled into college. Then, I actually couldn't have time to blog as my time was totally packed with college works. Moreover, the program I enrolled in is actually a shortened one instead of one years, which I expected that I would actually graduate only by this year's June. Hence, there's also no semester break for this 'express train' program. Even though there's breaks when there's public holidays, but I'm too exhausted from all the college tasks (And also the slothfulness that I have LOL -_-).

Now I've actually graduated from the program. To be honest I'm not that confident with the result which would be released a few days later and I'm also quite worried.

So for the time being, I've myself backup-ed  with plans for both possible outcomes. Which is failing or getting a satisfying result for the exam. Neither both of it I would planning to have a part-time job for the time being to earn some savings, which is rather helpful for me to proceed the next step in degrees, even if I would actually fail I could spare some cash for retakes without letting my parents bearing the load because of my failure.

 However, it would be great if I actually obtain a result which is rather satisfying, I would actually keep on with my part time which awaiting intakes. However then, if, (just 'IF') I actually would failed, there's no choice but retaking on June. Which then means I've to be self-discipline on revising and in the meanwhile doing my part-time job (instead of slacking at home), it'll be sort of tough in fact.

Now then, I still have some time to blog. Then during the free time I would do blogging. Hopefully everything would be carried out smoothly. Thomas Jefferson said, "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."  Instead of worrying I should rather try my best and work harder in life too. Wish me luck. :)

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