Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life Updates.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello there lovelies!! Sorry again for the lack of updates this lately, but this blog ain't dead!

It has been one and a half month since my lectures has already started. I'm actually starting a new semester on MPU subjects tomorrow while my actual lectures for my program will only start at the mid of September, which means I'll probably have a hectic life on case study by then. ^^"

I actually ad a lot of free time last month due that there's only 2 days of lectures per week. I told myself to blog more often. However, things happening everyday was almost the same and I spent mostly of my time at home while there's no class. Therefore, I haven't to be able to get some new idea to blog about for this lately. (Well, there's no way I would report on my daily routines on the blog right? :P) Despite of having lack of ideas for new blog post, I guess I'll still try to bring up something and blog some I have in mind. =v=b

Basically this lately is that when there's no lectures, I did make some practices on taking photo while I was out of home. Then I'll try to edit the photo using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom when I'm back home. Eventually I came up with some random photos throughout the times.

I can't say that I'm good in photography and I'm sure that there's a plenty more space for me to improve as well as learning from practical. From my perspective, my camera did pretty well in producing photos even it's considered to be a basic model among different ranges of Semi-DSLR and DSLR camera. There's still a lot of practice to go. If there's possible I would really like to save money and invest myself another lens for my camera, such as portrait lens or maybe macro lens! By then I can produce better photos!

By the way, if you have been following my instagram you'll probably know that I have bought myself a Clarisonic Mia 2!!! I'm so happy that I can finally bought another item from my wishlist with some parts of my leftover salary. *throws confettis* Now, I'm nearly broke already. Orz  This is actually an investment for me so I wouldn't care spending a little bit more. Hopefully it'll improve my skin condition! *cross fingers* I'll make a review too after a period of time of usage and it's for sure!! :D

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