Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Wednesday, September 2, 2015
It's that season again, where everyone will be starting their new semester, ........... and not to forget that most Form 6 students are going to different universities to pursue their degree course, which mean it'll be even difficult for us to hang out often this onwards. 

I just went meeting up with my 'squad' last Sunday before they leave for their further studies. However, there's one of them can't make it because she's having family occasion at that time. I guess I could only catch up with her next year when everyone comes back for Chinese New Year. :/
Even though we're so eager to hang out but we're kind of lazy to went all the way to Penang Island just for a lunch so we went to a mainland one instead lolol, so we ultimately went to Pik-Nik Everyday which is a cafe opened a few months back, located at Raja Uda, Butterworth. :D 

The concept of the cafe's interior is based on the classroom element, attempt evoke memories in our high schools time. As we can see that their kitchen is made out of a old school bus and the seats& tables are made inspired by the bugs seats. Besides, it also has a colorful unsystematic drawing & grafitti on the wall mainly with schoolkids illustrations.

Apart from its playful interior, they'd also use #GoodFriendsNeverBojio as their slogan.  ‘Bojio' is a term, commonly used by most youngsters (or even some adults like my parents lolol) whenever they're left out by their friends when in comes to invitations for gathering.

The owner of the cafe put a lot of efforts in bringing out the concept of the cafe. I also like how they had the illustrations done on their menu but too bad I didn't get to take any picture as I was too hungry (LOL) and ordered the food quite fast (and determined :P)

Iced Honey Jasmine (RM 6) ; Banana Yogurt Smoothies(RM 9)
Ewen and Angelyn ordered the same drinks of Banana Yogurt Smoothies as they were having a promotion of 'Double-Jio' where you can get two of the smoothies at the price of one.

Spicy-Kimchey Pasta (RM13.90)
Having a fusion of Korean food elements with Italian pasta, this pasta caught my attention so I chose to try this despite that the cafe is famed for their variety of waffles. Apart of the interesting combination and having great moderation on the taste, the price is also fairly reasonable for such portions. 

Savoury Bacon Waffles with Scramble Egg+ Mayo+ Cheese (RM12.90)
Ewen had actually let me have a bite of the waffles and what I can tell is that the waffle tastes superbly delicate! You may say that I'm a little bit exaggerating but the taste is as if the taste melts in once I had them into my mouth and the bacon smells is just too..... appealing. (I'll probably go for another round next time to try out the waffles)

As for Angelyn,... *laughes*  
She actually surveyed the internet the night before and planned to try out the hotdog at first. However, it happened that she ate too much during her Korean buffet before coming with us so she'd only order the the fries to try out in eventual. The overall verdict of her is that the portion was quite big and the taste was fairly normal.

I did enjoy much hanging out with them and it's been quite a big while since the last time we hang out like this and had some girls talk. However, our gatherings shall cease until next year when they come back for their semester breaks. We'll catch up another round by then.

As for some of you who might be interested to try out the dishes. here's the details of the cafe with their Facebook page linked so that you guys might as well check out their menu.

Tel: 016-4481517

Address: Pangsapuri Seri Melur, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours:3.00pm to 12.00am (Daily)

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