Sunday, February 9, 2014

My First Part Time Job

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Before getting into the topic, I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Chinese New Year! I hope that I'm not too late. There's still a few days to go till Chap Goh Meh where it's the last day for CNY :P
Also, I would like to say sorry for completely neglected my blog for a whole week.

You all would wonder why? Or maybe whether if I started to be lazy to blog again?

The reason behind is that I've been  busy with my first job for the whole week. Since that I'm a newcomer for this work I'd been arranged to work on noon shift for this first week, which is 2pm-10pm. Then, I would only arrive home at 11pm. I got so worn out after a whole day of work and I still have to wake up early for job on the next day. That's why I can't even tend to blog. Do pardon me for that /sobs/

I'm having my off day for this today and tomorrow so I'm trying to blog and schedule some post for this upcoming days to be sure that there's still something new on my blog.
Speaking of my part time job, it's actually my first part time job (of the 19 years of my life living on this planet /LOL/).

As for where I currently work at, I could say that I work as a sales person. Also, I'm certainly not working on something like 无间道 then no ones know what I actually do  /laughs/

After working for a whole week restlessly, I could say working isn't as easy as we think it should be. As a sales person, you'll have to deal with all sort of customers. I've met some customers who are picky and some are being inconsiderate for opening the product which aren't testers (even you told them that it's not a tester FML -_-). Hence, I couldn't agree more with the thing that we shouldn't take everything we have from our parents for granted and be grateful.

Also, You wouldn't know how people spreads rumors about you. There's one girl from the opposite shop told my colleague that I got scold by my supervisor but actually my supervisor only told me I should use mascara so that I wouldn't displease the superiors. I don't know why she would even want to spread such thing which doesn't have any matter . -_-

Being a freshman on this work I'm quite grateful to all the seniors for guiding me on product training ^_^
Apart from blogging, I'm also reading the notes on the products training now. It's better that I pass the training exam as soon as possible because after that I could start making my own sales instead of using my seniors sales ID every single time. (FYI the commissions for the sales I made this week goes to the seniors since that my ID couldn't be use for sales yet.)  /laughs/

I should already start reading about the product training already. Till next time. Bye :3

I actually put some irrelevant photos on this post just to make sure the post isn't too wordy /laughs/

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