Friday, March 28, 2014

Wishlist Achieved

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm terribly sorry for not making any updates for the past few weeks again due to work. (As I have been arranged to noon shift a lot this month -_-)

But anyways! This blog is still alive and lets get into this topic alright? *laughs*

It has been always a dream for every blogger to get a better camera for taking photo, which includes me. I couldn't stand myself just always blogging with photos with average quality. I mean, apart from the psychological effect in my mind, I actually want to bring up photos, which are even better and attractive onto my blog to share to my readers. Besides, I'm actually sort of a photography enthusiasts so that make senses a little bit already, right?

I have been working for almost 2 months already. Naturally I would have earned some bucks into my saving account along with my savings throughout the time. Wise said, a penny saved is a penny earned. Then, I already have sufficient ready money for me to get myself the camera for myself.

Apart from setting myself a budget, I also read up quite a lot of review on various model of camera so that I could properly select the ideal camera for myself without having any regrets after purchasing.

After reading some reviews by beauty bloggers the camera I had in mind at first was to find a camera similarly to the Sony Nex F3 like Cheesie owns. However the camera has been discontinue and replaced by Nex 3NL. After scrolling up at Sony's website I find fond on the camera of Nex 5T which has a potential to produce photos with even better quality. It also have Build-in Wifi as well as NFC one-touch sharing. Concerning that I actually want a camera with good quality instead of  beauty filters (I can still photoshop it anyway :P), I chose 5T as my camera choice. Hence, there goes the starting of my money saving plan for the sake of getting the camera.

After a few months, my friend who works at Sony Centre told me that Sony has released a new camera that is similarly to Nex 5T, which is α5000. It's also claimed to have the lightest weight as well as good potential in taking DSLR quality photos. It also have a rather cheaper retail price of MYR 1999. Since that I'm on a budget I started to get hesitated whether I should get 5T or α5000 since that each has their strengths and weaknesses in specifications.

For just in case, I'd consulted opinion from that friend of mine as well as calling every single branch of Sony in Penang to get the information regarding their respective offers. Only then I made some comparison. Since that α5000 is still a brand new model, almost half of the branches doesn't carry in with the camera yet. Then, when I made my phone call to Megamall Penang's Sony Centre, I was told that they're currently having a offer of MYR 1888 instead of MYR1999. I did also ask for the retail price for 5T and I was told they're selling at MYR 1899 including the 200 rebate. Then I got even struggling between those 2 cameras since that there's only RM11 price difference between them rather than the RM300 difference if according to normal retailed price.

Then I was like :"Why don't I get myself NEX5T anyway? Since that the price difference is only RM11 now and 5T seems to be more capable in taking pro type photos. :/"
However, when I pay a visit to the store there and I was told that 5T would probably be discontinued due that they're having α5000 already as a substitution.

In eventual, my decision is to purchase α5000. I bought it at MYR1888 and I was entitled with a camera bag, a class 4 8gb memory card and a tripod as gifts upon my purchase. I also bought a lens protector and a filter as well. Then, the total was MYR1999, exactly as the normal price for the camera. But thank goodness that it's still within my budget which is MYR 2100 (Since that I believed that 5T won't be at the normal price of MYR2299 over time *smirks*).

After such a long story, let me proudly present to you all!!!! ...........*drumrolls*..... my camera!! :D

FYI, the top picture was taken using the camera while the bottom one was taken using my cellphone. You can see some difference between them, right?

It has a 180 degree tilt-able screen, just like 5T. Perfect for selfies! I'll probably be quite vain after non-stop using it. *giggles*;3

I'm glad that my mom actually said that she would want to pay a small part for me. I'm grateful for having such a good mom, she may not be the best mother in the world but she's the best for my world. <3

I would consider that I'm quite happy that I bought it with my own money. It's rather even meaningful for me since that I bought it with my own earnings instead of letting my mom pay it fully. I'm not born from a wealthy family that's why I can't just simply buy every single thing as well as letting my mom paying them. Never take thing for granted. That's why.

That's all for today. I would be making a review after using it for some time. Just, keep an eye when I would actually update with that. :P


  1. 1888 for tripod, camera bag and memory card?! That's a steal!!! How I wish I have a tripod D:

    1. The tripod's value is about 102. Then the total for all those were 1999. Though it was still in my budget but from what my friend told me they actually still earned LOL. I'm still savin money to get a class 10 Memory card, the speed is rather better than class 4.

    2. I see :D Didn't know about memory card class until you told me bout it lol. Now only I know that I have a class 10 memory card (^^;)

    3. Lucky you for having that. If i didn't forget it's a 32gb one right? Sony one is rather pricey so I'm planning to get Toshiba's :D


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