Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meeting with Friend

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ohayou and Happy April Fools Day! Have you prank on anyone already? Or been prank by someone already? *laughs*

I'd blogged that I went meeting up with Ewen on the last Thursday. Apart from having our brunch at Cozy in the Rocket, we did went to 1st Avenue for some shopping.

Though we initially didn't plan to watch movie but there's still plenty of time until the time we're going back home so we went to take a look at the movie list, then only we decide what movie to watch.

Then we ended up watching different movie since that I don't really want to watch Divergent so instead, I chose to watch Super Show 4 Concert's  3D-x movie *fangirling mode* /LOL/

While waiting for our movie we just sat at the rest area available and ...... well, taking photo (being vain LOL). ^^'

 Selfies! :3

 This movie actually cost me RM 27. However it's inclusive with the 3D-x glasses which I could take back home, I'll probably keep it forever as collectibles already LOL. Also, it's indeed that you get what you paid for. To be frank from what I saw, the 3D effect of the movie was so real!! Unlike normal 3D. *thumbs up*
Even though our movie was started at the different times but both movie ended at the same time. After our movie we went H&M to check out the clothes and I find fond on the knitwear as below. There's also a white-beige color one and I really wished to grab both (pardon me for my knitwear obsession lol) but I'm keeping them in the list until I get my salary. (Or else I'll probably ended up being really broke - -)

The lightning was so nice, so I also took some selfies inside . :P

For by the way, my hair color has fade off to normal brown already instead of the chestnut red at first. Thus, I was wondering whether if I should get another hair dye already and I'm still hesitating whether to get a brighter hair color or some colorful highlights onto my hairs. Also, the cost of dyeing hair isn't cheap if you want a good one.(Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my salary for this month lol Orz)

Meeting up with your close friend is really a great thing. We actually haven't meet each other cine last December already and it was good to see them. However, it's rather a little lonely since that there's only the two of us on that day. I hope to see them some other time too but they're now busy in preparing for STPM semester 2 exam, so I'll probably could only call them up for a meet after their exam. :/

Till next time!

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