Sunday, May 4, 2014

New family members

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Guess who's back? It's been a while already. *laughs* I'm terribly sorry for lacking of updates again. :<

Exactly a year ago, my cousin brought a Rottweiler puppy for me. I'd name her Ember and she has black shiny fur. Who knows. Time goes by pretty fast and it's May already. and she's already 1 years & 43 days old already.

Ember had her period about two months back and ...... oh well, got pregnant. ._.
Then, she gave birth to 7 puppies on 27th April 2014. To be frank, I didn't expected that she could actually gave birth to half a dozen of pups since that it's her first time giving birth LOL.

Last night I have been spending my time snapping photo of these cute little pups. all of they were so sleepy so they actually didn't move too much and I could actually take quite a number of still photos of them :D

This is one of my most favourite among those photos taken :D

Today, these puppies are 1 week old already. I still can get an idea of giving them names. However, even if I want to give names I'd probably leave this job to their respective new master(s). I already have 3 dogs at my home already which includes Ember, a Miniature Pinscher (9 y/o) and a Sheperd mix (4 y/o). Moreover, I would be attending my degree class already and so, we probably couldn't handle another 7 dogs already. Thus, we decide to give some of them away to my relatives when they're one month old. This is for their own good. 

Since that they're 1 week old already I just cant wait for their eyes to open! I wonder whether they would have eyes like their mother or father *grins* :D

Now then , I should get ready for work already. Bye ^^"


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