Monday, May 19, 2014

Unexpectedly Fast

Monday, May 19, 2014
Hello lovelies!

Remember there's once I posted that I would be working for this few months until my program intake on September?

Some times, things happened out of the blue. At first I was planning to register for the intake at a certain college but then I found out the fees are rather costly so I went surveying and found another college that is also pretty good for pursuing my program on Law.

Hence, I made my phone call to the office last week. Then, I was told that the intake would be on June and the orientation is just 4 days to go!(Which is today and yes, I just came back from the first day of my orientation *panting*)

I asked that whether if they still have October intake but I was somehow advised to go for the June intake because it would be an ease for me in applying my study loan.

Then I got panicked because there's only a few days to go and I haven't prepare a single thing yet for registration! Since that I was on my noon shift on the day after I made the phone call, I woke up early and drove all the way down to Penang to settle things down.

Since that I'm applying for a study loan, I was told that I would need to open a bank account, a study loan account and get the pin number for the loan as well as getting necessary photocopies ready. (Which I didn't even get anything done at all).

Everything was done in a hurry last Friday because banks service would be closed on weekends so I woke up again early as if I'm having morning shift on my work.

Fortunately enough is that all the banks that I was told to go are available just at the area nearby my working place. Surprisingly, everything were done in less than 2 hours since that there's no much people at the bank at that hour.

After all those hastes, everything were settled down.

Going back to the study life is just ahead and which means, I would need to cease in continuing on with my 'arubaito' (which means part time job) and focus on my academic.

All that I could say that it's all worth for me for working during those previous month. I learnt things that I couldn't learn through those I studied in the curricular. I learnt to be patience, to know how the society actually is, to know how nasty some persons are. I learnt not to cry over spilled milk and not to cry over little things. I learnt how to behave as mature teenager. Most of all, I learnt to communicate. At least I'm not much of a social awkward person like I used to be. (I'm rather a shy person :/ )

My actual lecture commences on the second week of June and my last day of working is on the 7th of June. I would be pleased if I still stand another chance to work again but these would all only start after I finish my degree. If possible, I actually want to work again if there is a long term break from school. It's rather benefiting myself instead that I stay at home doing nothing.

Since that my program doesn't have class EVERY SINGLE DAY among the weeks hopefully the classes that are to be commenced on the period till December would have no class on Monday.*prays, HARDLY*
*coughs* Pardon me for my selfish thoughts LOL.

I'd missed Comic Fiesta once last year due to MPW exam (FYI if I missed the exam I couldn't graduate from certificate and I'll have to pay and go for the same thing again. That's why. - -). Thus, I hope I could attend this year's and meet up some friends and cosplayers there. (and also all those doujin booths) ><

Tomorrow would be the second day of the orientation and I hope to get knowing more new peoples there. Hopefully everything goes smoothly that time.


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