Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Review] Etude House Eau de Perfume - No More

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Hello lovelies!

Time flies fast and it's almost the mid of June already. There's only another half month and half of the year would over. I'm surprised that times keep on going by faster day by day. For these 5 months passed I've been slacking at home then started working after Chinese New Year till now.

Now, I'm back being a full-time student and my lecture just started this Monday and I have pretty much fun meeting new friends as well as enjoying my studies. :)

That's all for the 'grandmother story' of mine. *laughs* Today I'll be reviewing my first very own frangrance!
Well, it's not really the 'first' one because I've bought a Eau de Toilette(EDT) one previously but for this one, it's a  Eau de Perfume(EDP).

I have never use EDP before so it's quite a new thing for me. I started off by purchasing a EDT at first because I didn't have much knowledge on fragrances. I was like: "It's all perfume". -__-
As for the reason is that I've noticed girls around me smells so nice after taking their bath or arriving at meet ups. (Don't get it wrong, I'm not a pervert okay.) In the meanwhile, I still smell the same as if I'm still smell as stink as how I was before taking my bath. My colleague told me that's natural that you couldn't scent your smell but somehow I still feel uneasy so I went to get a EDT in eventually LOL (You can laugh all you can. *covers face*)
For your information, here's the difference type of fragrances available in the market.

In a nutshell, this EDP fragrance could last longer then EDT. Which is pretty much an ease to cover up my stinky smell for a longer time lolol. Just kidding ^^"

The fragrance I bought comes from the Eau de Parfum range which Etude House launched on this year's Valentine's Day. 

There are 7 kinds of scents available in the range. I bought myself "No More" as it's more preferable to me among all the scents. At first I thought that "Love Me More" would be the best scent but I find it too sweet. Well, it does suits the Lovey dovey feels however it's not in my choice.   

-Name: No More Eau de Perfume
 -Volume: 20ml                            
-Price: 12,000 Won; RM 89.90   

The perfume comes with different packaging color for the respective kinds to coordinate with the themes. Apart from that, the bottle it fully glass so you'll probably need to be careful with that. 

It does surprise me too that it comes with such small amount at the price nearly to RM 90. However, there's one reason behind that. It's because that EDP has much stronger scent than EDT and a little goes a long way. Thus, you wouldn't need that much sprays at a time. 

From the description, it is stated that the perfume is a "Delicate & sophisticated modern perfume by fresh citron & green leaves." Well, it does smell in that way. The scent is truly delicate and yet not too strong.

After I started using this fragrance I've been receiving comments from my colleague and friends that I smell so feminine , which is the term that they never apply on me before LOL. However, those comments were actually in a positive way. :D

- Delicate scent & not too strong
- Long lasting scent
- Simple yet adorable & classy packaging

- Considered pricey for a volume of 20ml

Rating: 4.5/5 stars  

Here's a little commercial video of the fragrance before I end my post. 

I'm having my free time this lately so I'll try to bring up more updates. (Well, I probably should ensure that I'm diligent enough instead of slacking and watch dramas while munching snacks LOL)

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