Saturday, October 18, 2014

Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 @ Penang Times Square

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Hello!!! It's been a BIG while already. I'm quite shocked knowing that I have actually didn't make any entry for almost a month!!!! However, it's not that surprising as I'm aware that as soon as the new semester starts, I would need to spend mostly of my time reading facts, principles as well as cases. I get it why I was advised study a lot harder, it takes times to read several times and then, understand the theory correctly. Also, I know it is quite late.... I mean, VERY LATE for me to post this up so again, I apologize for the delay.

From the post title it's obvious wise that this entry would be about Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 which was held on the 27th &28th of September, which is exactly around 3 weeks back.

If we compare it to last year's Comic Fiesta Mini, this time the exhibition is much more better on the arrangement since that the venue is more wider and well arranged. Another thing is that the event is in a closed area and only peoples who purchase entry ticket could be able to get into the venue instead of letting it be in a open area like last year's.

I wasn't cosplaying during the previous year due to the hectic schedule I had on my A-Level studies ,but for this year, I had cosplay for both days (which were those cosplans that I have mentioned previously) so I didn't get to take many photos of cosplayers. Whenever I want to take photos there's people asking me where if they could take a photo of me, which then I missed the chance to take photos of some cosplayers. Guess it can't be helped lol. Another thing is that, some photos turned out to be blur or the proportion is not that satisfying so I'm not going to post those up.

So I did manage to take some presentable photos of the cosplayers on both respective days.

Oh, here's my friend Aki cosplaying as Megurine Luka in Love Ward version.

I have seen a lot of Kaneki Ken(from Tokyo Ghoul) cosplay in those 2 days and this is one of the cosplayer cosplaying as Kaneki. I was so surprise when this cosplayer this told me that it was his first time cosplaying. Despite of cosplaying fo rthe first time, he nailed the character very well!! I think I should do some self-review on my cosplay already. *laughs*

Oh wait! before I forgot! Here's the photos of my cosplay for both days. 

Photo credits to the photographer. :3

A selfie with Aki as Shiro from No Game No Life. 

For day 1 I cosplayed as Haruka Nanase as planned but for day 2 I changed my plan from Futaba to my Harajuku OC due that my wig is unable to arrive on time. OTL

Not to mentioned that I wore and walked on a 10cm platform boots on day 1, I haven't cosplay for a long time as well. Despite that it was pretty tiring but I had lot of fun during those 2 days meeting with my friends as well as getting to know some new cosplayer friends. It's very great to have more friends who are interested with the cultures!

Apparently I need to do more revision for my mid semester exam which fall on the first week of the upcoming month. However then I'm very motivated as there would be another ACG event right after the exam is over, which is COSPAR 3. Furthermore, the great news is that this time the guest lineup includes those cosplayers that I admired and Baozi Hana is in the lineup as well! I'm looking forward for another 2 days of fun meeting with all the fellow friends and cosplayers again. :D

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