Friday, August 1, 2014


Friday, August 1, 2014
Oh, hello again & hello August!

I'd finally done mostly of the important part on the paperworks of my assignments & projects. Yet, I still need to spend a little more time to practice my presentation (which would fall on the following week).

Despite that I'm pretty much tired right now because of those heavy coursework, I've been trying to relax myself a little bit in between. Yesterday, I went meeting up with my team members to discuss on one of the coursework and the meeting is taken place at a McDonald franchise and there's a seafront promenade just across the road. After the discussion was done, I was thinking :"Why not I go for some walk there? Since that it's still early to go home.". Hence, I did went for a little walk, sitting there, enjoy the view of the sea and the gentle wind there. Oh, and snapped some photos there as well. :P

There's actually not much people around at that time so I also took the chance to brush up my photography skills. (I'm shy and tend to take photos only if there's no crowd ._.)

I found that I've relaxed a lot after that, not much more of the tension feel. Personally, I think there's many times we do have a stress and we pressure a lot. Nonetheless, we should galways get some rest for ourselves and put those worries aside. We would then feel how much calm& pleasant we are.

I'm on the road a lot so when I get some time to relax I definitely take advantage.

I just read an interesting article on various ways that works to relax. You guys can check it out as well and you'll see that how simple it is to reduce those tensions. :)

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