Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Review] Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Green Tea Mask

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The current semester of mine has been pretty much hectic (even now), with loads of assignments, projects, activities, paperworks etc. Therefore, I was unable to spare too much time out for doing my personal plans , including blogging.(Which then it turns out that I haven't blog for completely 2 weeks already.) However, despite that there are so many works to be accomplished, I'm very glad that half of those are completed, and there's still another half to go.

Apart from being unable to get my personal plans done, my personal customs was being affected as well due that I was burning the midnight oil, staying up late to prepare well for my presentations, typing words documents, sending mails of the soft copies of the works, and also, somewhat neglected my skin care routine. Consequently, my skin condition was then pretty awful with whiteheads and papules on my face. Which then they do annoyed me a lot.

I've been keen on trying the masks from Innisfree as I heard that the price is very affordable and the effect is quite good. So, I did requested a friend of my to help me purchase a few of them to try out (since that her brother is coming back soon for study break at that time).

Coming back to the review, I can say that green tea is one of the best remedy when it comes to acnes as it has function of antioxidant effect, which could help in reducing the acnes. Moreover, it's gentle so it could control the excessive sebums while maintaining your skin's moisture level.

I assume that everyone knows how to use a mask so I'll just make a quick review on this,

• Affordable price
The price range is around RM 3 converting from Korean Won so it’s a great deal for such an effective mask and it contains a sufficient extracted essence.  
• Effective
I’d only use one of it and I can see the effect on the next day and those papules has reduce and my skin still remains moisture.

• Pleasant scent
I’m not sure whether if it smells like green tea but I can tell that it has a pleasant smell and doesn’t irritate. 

• Good attachment on face
Unlike some other masks I used previously, the mask attach very well and doesn’t glides of or disattached from the skin  

• No availability in Malaysia

I actually regret for not buying more of it as currently there's no Innisfree outlet available at Malaysia. Moreover my friend's brother is unable to help me to purchase it on the next return due that he's not coming back directly from Korea, so the only way for me to repurchase it as soon as possible is to go all the way to Singapore. I hope that there's outlets available in Malaysia soon and I want to try some other product from them too.


  1. Hey..u could get them at skin college fb.

    1. Hello and thank you for your information. :D


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