Monday, January 12, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014

Monday, January 12, 2015
Even though it's almost half month late, but Happy New Year 2015 everyone! :D

After so much of delays and slacks, I'm finally done my blog entry for Comic Fiesta 2014.

Again, Malaysia's biggest & most epic ACG convention was held from 27-28th December 2014. Nevertheless, it's assumed that Comic Fiesta as the year end event for 2014 as well.

The crowd was as expected. Comic Fiesta has grown to a larger and gain more ACG enthusiasts attending the event year by year. After my so-called 'shopping' on doujins & guest merchandises as well as photos taking, I actually spent most of my time hanging outdoor or 3rd floor, then stay within hall 5 for both days of the events, just because that I was too lazy to squeeze into the crowd again to get to the other halls. :P

I was cosplaying as Kotori Minami (Mogyutto Love de Seikkin Chu version) from Love Live on the second day of the event. As for day 1 I actually went pretty casual to make it easier for me to squeeze through and chiong to the doujin booths area to 'sapu' all those doujin merchandises that I have my eyes on. *Buy All The Things meme pose*  :P

There were displays of  fantastic artworks of Comic Fiesta 2014 Countdown located at Hall 5 to allow everyone to view on. At the same time, there were also figurines and nendriods from Good Smile Company displayed at  Hall 3.    

Comic Fiesta 2014 had also expanded their event floor plan and the stage was shifted to the ballroom, which was located on the 3rd floor of the convention centre. Since that the exhibitors floor was too pack, I went up to the 3rd floor and the timing wise that the opening of the event has just started. This time, I was able to make use of my superzoom lens to take photos of the stage performances. 

King & Mon from Taiwan were attending as guest for Comic Fiesta again since their first apperance in Comic Fiesta Mini 2013. It feels great seeing them live on stage again after so long. I was amazed by King's cosplay as Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. *fangirling mode *

Next would be Aza Miyuko from Korea, attending as guest again since her appearance on Comic Fiesta Mini 2014. 

Last but not least, Liui Aquino, another amazing cosplayer who has transformed his life-long love for anime and games with his experience as a model. I love how he brought the character to life through his cosplay. By far, he's the best Hiccup and Tadashi cosplayer that I've seen. =w=)/ 

Yingtze, Lenneth, Ritsu & Angie had also attend the event and had their respective signing sessions as well.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet Angie there. (; ;)

Other than getting the chance to meet the guests and popular cosplayers of Malaysia, I was also able to met quite a number of cosplayers from other countries such as Kirisaki, Aunty Shirley,Lenneth and Elisabeth from Singapore as well as Klyr and Ritsu!

Nevertheless, I'd also get to meet Hanie. It was nice meeting her and we had a small conversation (Basically on camera stuffs lol) before she went to meet up with her friend. ^^"

That should be a wrap up for Comic Fiesta 2014. 2015 would be a even hectic study life for me to deal with the upcoming exams and school activities. :D

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