Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Hair Color!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I've been starting to blog quite often this lately, perhaps I'm starting to become a diligent blogger? *laughs*  :P

The fact is that Chinese New Year is just less than 2 weeks ahead and I probably wouldn't have the time for grooming during the few days before CNY. Hence, I went for my hair dye few days ago at the nearest saloon which I usually went for my haircut for the past few years.

The truth is that I actually want to get the hair dye done on my own using hair dye products which could be bought from local drugstores. But the outcome were pretty meh, especially when you have dark color hair and you know, when you're not that good at these stuff. So instead, I went to let the hairdressers to do the job. :/

I actually wanted to go for burgundy wine red but I'm so afraid that it was too bright. Then, I chose Mahogany red. But then the color is not in stock as customers seldom have this color of hair dye. However, my hairstylist recommends me a color which actually have some red base (which I initially wanted) without having the color looking too bright. The color has the name, 金色栗子红, which is a golden chestnut red color.  Eventually I chose that color as my choice.

On the first day my new hair color wasn't that obvious and it'll only be visible under the sunlight.
I was told by the hairstylist that the color would be fading each time I done hair wash.

So, here's how it looks like on the third day, after 2 times of wash.

((Pardon the dry split ends. I haven't really go for treatment for that yet tho ._.))

I was a little disappointed as some of the parts of my hair was dark but overall it was still acceptable, this is what you get from what you paid for. I didn't go to high end saloon for dyeing my hair. However, the good thing is that when they're doing my hair wash they didn't tug my hair to hair and gently massage my scalp with fingers instead of their finger nails tho.  :)

Btw I had also change a new pair of glasses for myself after 4 years LOL.
 Though my prescription hasn't change much but I'm changing as my astigmatism prescription has changed from -2.00 to -0.50. Anyway, this new pair of glasses is indeed a better one. It's much lighter in weight and stylish in design comparing to the old one.
Apart from that, after having some talk with my eye care practitioner I'd also learn some useful information regarding tips on how to take care our eye, glasses and contact lenses. Additionally, also why cosmetic lenses selling online are not safety. I will share about what I had learnt to you guys soon ;)


  1. I feel a little disappointed too when the colour is uneven.... Well I'll just try to overlook it and treat it as some highlight/ lowlight lol. Looks like you've all prepared for CNY! :D

    1. I'm indeed already. Gladly my schedule didn't have any malfunctions. :D Now I have a red based hair and glasses with black+red frames and completely prepared with reds for CNY :P


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