Friday, April 10, 2015

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Friday, April 10, 2015

*Do note that this post was done in the same day of my previous post, but I leave it as a scheduled post. At the time the blog is posted, I'm probably still in my revision process LOL* 

Everyone has their respective hobbies, such as reading, calligraphies, sewing and so on. As for me, I'm a ACG freak and at the same time a cosplayers, so my hobbies are more related to these two aspects. Being a ACG freak, I enjoy watching animations and reading comics during my leisure time as well as gaming on my ps2 games occasionally(which probably would take me another 'forever' to finish off LOL).

As for being a cosplayers, other than trying to improve my makeup, it seems that this cosplaying hobby of mine has developed my hobbies into another level. I find myself even obsessed with crafting related stuffs after I got active in cosplaying. For example, as sewing, accessories DIYs and some basics props making.

Talking about accessories DIY, I started to look up on how to make Kanzashi flowers few weeks ago and 2 main reasons behind is that :

(1) I need to make one as the headpiece for my Umi Sonoda Yukata cosplay during Penang Anime Matsuri (PAM). Not that I'm being picky but the headpiece provided by the seller is only a yellow artificial flower and I find that Umi's headpiece is more to a orange flower. ^^"

(2) I was so fascinated by those gorgeous outfits in the Chinese television series of "The Empress of China (2014)" and I started to feel tempting to do the kanzashi headpiece!

I mean, look at all these Tsumami Kanzashi Flowers, they're so beautiful, and cute too!

I'd googled some other patterns of the Kanzashi and I feel like doing all of the different petals and designs! /ChallengeAccepted.jpg/

I went to look up for some tutorials on deviantart and started to do a few basics type which are simply made from Satin ribbon. It's very easy to do, just that it will take you quite a few hours to get one done as you need about 25-50(or more) depends on the patterns and sizes. ^^"

ジャンジャン! These are the severals Kanzashi flowers which I've made.(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

The coral one(which is also the biggest coral colored one) was my first attempted Kanzashi flower, so it did not look as nice as the blue and yellow one because I didn't get the petals balanced and it also looks slightly too thick comparing to the others. Still, I'm quite satisfying with the outcome of the rest of the Kanzashi(s). 

I'm planning to take some commissions on making Kanzashi flowers after I master how to make the Tsumami type of Kanzashi. Anyone interested to have one? Or maybe, you would like to make it on your own just like what I did? /laughs/ :P

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