Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kotori Minami Photoshoot

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
So............. the thing is that I'm procrastinating again from doing revisions despite that it's 27 days to go till summer exams. /guilty-faced/ OTL

I did mentioned in my blog entry on the early of the year that I'd my first photoshoot for my cosplay and the full album was released already, just that I've kept on delaying and didn't spare the time to get it update on here.

I won't update all the photos here otherwise it'll be a picture-heavy post, so I picked up a few from those which I personally prefers.

Psstt. If you happen to be at Penang, you can drop by DRIP Cafe for this rare cheese cake . I haven't try it yet but I read from review that it taste delicious :D

I actually wanted to requested for a photoshoot by Antarnis Photography for some time, guess I'm quite lucky to be asked for this shoot by the photographer. (Thank you senpai ww) If it's possible, I might want to work with senpai again for another future cosplay from my cosplans. :D

I still haven't update the photos onto my Worldcosplay profile as well (so you can see how 'good' I am in delaying everything - -), but if any of you are keen to look at my future cosplays you guys could follow my Worldcosplay. ;)

Okay, that's enough of procrastinations! I should continue my revision already otherwise some might see me in the resit exam lolol. (*Whispers* I don't want to spend another huge amount of money just to retake, it's kind of wasting and I might not be able to get my study loan if I didn't pass myself in the coming exam)

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