Monday, April 6, 2015

The Early Twenty

Monday, April 6, 2015
*blows off the dust*

It's been a few weeks (again) since my previous blog entry, my everyday routines are almost the same with endless of revision materials for the coming summer session exam. My revision process is just like: Procrastinate. Panice. Revise. Cry deeply. (You know you're a law student when you have that sheer amount of readings to do.) OTL

Putting aside the schedule reading, I just went for a early-birthday celebration with my best friend. 
Our initial plan was to go to a cafe for the celebration like how we did last year and Ewen came up with another idea of going for Korean cuisine restaurant instead of the cafe. After so much of dilemmas and hesitant on choosing, we ultimately decided to go for Korean cuisine which is located in a shopping mall(So that we can go shopping as well LOL)

Not sure if we were overestimating our appetite or underestimating the servings size, we ordered a family set of 2 servings and ended up unable to finish eating the whole set. Nonetheless, we still manage to finish up the main dishes, which include the grill marinated chicken and it taste superbly nice especially when it was serve right after it was grill. :3

We then went on for purikuras and some shopping.  I bought myself the limited set of Dolly Wink mascara+ eyeliner. I've been wanting to try the mascara for some time and now I've finally own one. I hope it could works better than other mascara that I've bought previously, my eyelashes are thin and stubbornly straight. OTL

It was great spending this afternoon with her as we probably wouldn't be able to hang out like this after she continue in pursuing in her studies at Taiwan. Also, it was surprising and yet great to hear that she's dating now.*chuckles*  Mann, I started to feel so lonely out of the sudden seeing my friends are in a relationship already. Oh well, I'm still young and there's plenty of time for me for that. 

(Oh I forgot, I'm currently dating with 4 law subjects and hopefully I'll be able to realize my constructed break up with them to get another 4 subjects of my Final Part 1 LOLOL)

Time goes fast, I'm going to start my actual 20's already and no longer a teenager anymore, which then I need to be more mature in my thinking. I've so much plans and I hope that I can tick off the listed plans before I'm getting older, so let see how it goes. ;) 


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