Friday, April 17, 2015

I Just Lost A Friend

Friday, April 17, 2015

 "Dogs are a man's best friend." and I just lost one. 

After more than 8 years being with us, Bonnie has left, because of our negligence and cause her ran out of her cage and bitten to death. I couldn't say anything but "Sorry". There's no use for me to kept on repeating the "If only" scenarios, I'd never expected that Ember (another pet dog of ours which is a Rottweiler) would bit her so hard and cause her to bleed so much. The wound was too severe and we can't do anything about it already, if not, we would probably try to call a vet or even rush to the nearby veterinary clinic. When looking her bleeding, it makes me pain in the heart, I couldn't do anything but watching her until her last moment.  

Thanks for being an amazing family member for those previous years.
This blog post would be a memorial for you. R.I.P Bonnie and ILY. 

*I'm not sure if I'm typing correctly/ structured because I'm basically still sobbing (a little bit) while typing so do pardon me if I did type anything wrongly.

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