Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just when I was cleaning up the messes at my backyard a couples of days ago, I found this cute little fellow sitting at my neighbour's house (In fact, he's a pet of my neighbour LOL), so I grabbed out my camera to take a few shots of him. Surprisingly, unlikely to his mom which always ran away whenever she saw me. Instead, he kept on 'meow'ing and wanted to apporach her but he don't has any idea to get out from the fences. That was too cute. /Laughing Tears Emoji

**The eyes of the kitten is hazel color but I played around with photoshop and create green eyes instead as it's fur which is ginger colored reminds me of Puss in Boots. 

Due to the fact that I'm currently having 3 dogs as my pet I dare not to have another cat as my pet even though I'm more of a cat lover, as I'm afraid that my Rottweiler might attack it as she's unlikely to be same as my other dogs which could play around with cats. I would really like to have some cat vitamins too ;-;

Oh well, I guess that I could wait several years till then, so dog vitamins it is for now.(Yes, I love my Inus as well -w-)

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