Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shopping Haul

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
This .gif kind of portrays my current daily life LOLOL 
Hello, it's been quite a while since my last login to Blogger. Even though I only have a 3 hours class on each week for this semester & have plenty of time to do blogging stuffs, but there's not much thing which could be considered blog worthy to blog about since that I'm spending most of my time cooping up in my room, watching dramas/anime(and crying over those Onionsss), reading novels..................and having lots of snacks& food. I still have a list of photos to be edited and posted up here for my blog content, but then procrastination always kicks in whenever I start to do the editing.

Until last Thursday, I noticed that my book voucher was about to expire,so I decided to go for a shopping and tagged along my classmate as well so that we could discuss on which course-related books that are worth buying. However, things had turn out in eventual that most of the reference books available final year students, so I had no choice but to use the remaining portion of the voucher to buy some novels. -_-

As you can see, I only bought 1 book which is relevant to my course. As for the rest of them are novels and a 'how-to' book on sewing as I'm planning to make my own costume after learning those cutting& patterns. :v 

Since that I was on a book shopping, I went to stock up some of my daily use, or to be accurate, taking the chance to try out new products upon the replacement for those that I've finished using LOL.

I discovered that I really like to use my talcum powder which I bought from Marks& Spencer during the last Christmas sales so I went to stock up another bottle& bought along their Royal Jelly Honey Foaming Bath. As for Diane's hair shampoo, I've been keen to try the products since the last 2 years and I noticed that it's available in the Watson outlet here 2 months ago, so I just grabbed it without hesitation. I have yet to buy the conditioner due to my budget, maybe I'll get it next week as I've just got my wages from my part-time job. 

Meanwhile, for the rest of the products, other than the Clarisonic brush heads& eyelash glue, the rest were some extras I bought as they were on sales. (When it comes to sales, girls, you can't help but to grab some goodies LOL) :v

That's basically all by now, I can't say that it's really "blog-worthy" but for me it's kind of worth to blog since that I haven't went for shopping and hanging out with friends for 2-2.5 months(since I started my revision for summer exam LOL). 

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