Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Date With The BFF

Thursday, July 9, 2015
As I was having a day break from college yesterday, I went meeting up and have some shopping with my best friend, Ewen, who was also on her off day.(Thanks for spending your precious break time from work hanging out with me!) We haven't hangout for a couple of months already so we thought of meeting up more before she leaves to Taiwan for her further studies as it'll definitely be very difficult for us to meetup like this by then. :(

Since that we're going to Gurney Plaza for shopping & to watch the movie of "Poltergeist", we also took the opportunity to try out soft serve ice-cream from Honey Creme, which is the latest dessert franchise that went trendy as soon as it opened its first outlet in Malaysia, and the lucky thing is that the first outlet is opened at Penang. Yay! :D

I'd pick the popcorn-flavour, it's not too sweet compare to the chocolate or comb honey flavoured one. However then, it's still very sweet when it comes to the bottom portion as the honey was concentrated at that portion, so I went to get myself a bottle of mineral water after I finish the last portion. (I'm not a sweet-tooth person LOL ) _(:3 J

After that, we went strolling around randomly in the mall. I went to MPH bookstore again to use up my vouchers to buy some stationeries and saw cute animal plushes but I didn't buy any of it in eventual since I can't think of any idea on why I should buy it LOL. Then we went hunting some new clothes for Ewen to bring along to Taiwan. I also played around & took a few shots using Ewen's new ZR beautifying camera while she's in the fitting room./Laughs/ Unfortunately we didn't buy much as well since that mostly of the shops are selling summer clothings and it should be autumn already when she departs to Taiwan. (She'll probably be settling this through TaoBao again soon haha) :v

Speaking of clothings, both of us wore the similar style with floral printed one-piece by coincidence and I can swear that we didn't even plan for this! I guess our friendship has achieved the level of having a linking mind. /Friendship Goal/ <3 

Derping as how I always do :v

On the way back home our tummy started to craves for dinner (even though it's like 5.45pm), so we stop by at Clock Cafe at Seberang Jaya to have our 'early-dinner' there. From the name of the cafe you would know what its theme supposed to be, it's a vintage theme with tons clock displays in the cafe. For the food I would rate a 8/10 as it's nothing much special and the price is not too expensive but yet at the same time, not cheap as well. :/

Ewen would be departing to Taiwan in early of September and we would probably only able to contact each other through screens like video calls. It's kind of sad and I'll probably miss her a lot by then. (I would then also temporarily-lose another person in the 'jio' list to meet up. 寂しいです ;_;)

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